Event Industry News: Tech Usage and Social Norms: Finding The Perfect Balance

Adam Jones, Director - Digital Products applies our tech etiquette Trend Lab trend to MWC 2018. 

09/03/18: From Event Industry News: "Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the event to attend if you’re looking to uncover the latest tech – and it’s not only relevant to those who play in the mobile space. The event has increasingly broadened its horizons and now appeals to professionals from automotive and manufacturing through to marketing and publishing industries. They know just how important it is to incorporate cutting-edge tools into their business, as it helps ensure they stay ahead of the curve.

This brings me on to the tech etiquette trend, which relates to social rules and norms around the use of technology in our daily lives and at events. It has been around for a while yet remains incredibly relevant today, especially at an event like MWC, where it seems everyone is focused on capturing the latest products or experiences and instantly sharing it with others. Technology is great in the event space as it can be leveraged to enhance the attendee experience, yet overuse of tech can take away from it, too."

Read the entire article here.



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