Event Industry News: Tez Patel, Creative Director talks about the On Live Freeman Trend

Our Creative Director, Tez Patel, discusses the rise of the 'on live' experience and how to integrate event technology. 

05/04/18: From Event Industry News:

 Technology and the rise of the ‘on live’ experience 

Whether it’s scrolling through the newsfeeds of our social channels on the daily commute, hopping on a conference call with colleagues located in different parts of the globe, or gazing at a computer screen all day, technology is now very much a part of our daily lives – both in a personal and professional sense. And as these two once separate streams have become increasingly intertwined, we’ve seen the emergence of the on live experience, one where we simultaneously live in physical and online worlds.

An ever-increasing digital footprint 

This trend is especially pertinent to our industry, as more and more attendees are embracing tech to share their experiences with those not in the room. In the past, an individual may have visited an event and then headed home to write a blog about it. Now, with so many social platforms at our fingertips – think Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook – we are able to select our highlights and live stream what we see. It’s become a new form of social currency, where people will seek out and attend the latest niche experience – even if fleetingly – for the sole purpose of broadcasting the fact that they are there.

Read the entire article here. 



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