The UK Chief Customer Officer Report

The Chief Customer Report aims to provide a benchmark and basis for understanding how senior customer roles are emerging in British business.

We’re delighted to announce the launch of the 2018 Chief Customer Report, which aims to provide a benchmark and basis for understanding how senior customer roles are emerging in British business. The reports shows that there are 88% more UK Chief Customer Officers in 2018 than in 2017, with a huge growth in those from B2B businesses. In a world where there is more and more data proving that customer-centricity is a profound differentiator and commercial driver, the role is becoming central to growth.

Customer focus is pivotal to the work we do at Freeman, and the insights from this report show the importance of investing in good consumer experiences. In addition to supporting happier clients in the short-term, we believe that integrated customer-centricity will continue to help us nurture and develop those relationships long-term, leading to a stronger, more customer-focused business.

The report is a result of the collaboration between Freeman companies Comotion and Talecco and is our second annual report on this topic.  Substantially more wide-reaching than the 2017 report, we have expanded our research into a broader selection of senior customer titles. This reflects the truth that there are many people involved at a senior level, with a responsibility for making their businesses more customer-led, who do not have the Chief Customer Officer title.

It’s an exciting time to be consulting in, and recruiting for, businesses that wish to become more customer-centric. 2018 has seen another exponential growth in the number of C-level customer roles and this report shows that they are coming from a broader set of backgrounds and represent more sectors than ever before. The research and thought leadership clearly explains why appointing such a person offers new challenges for business. The new combination of responsibilities, technologies and internal functions that might be affected by such an appointment requires new thinking from both the organisation and the individual going into the role.

Finally, the report highlights the shift in how businesses are viewing their customers and that the customer agenda is being recognised in many boardrooms. Becoming customer-led requires a new corporate flexibility and, in many cases, a profound change to the organisational DNA.

How was the report produced?

Comotion has provided substantial amounts of thought leadership coming both the Comotion internal team – where it is a reflection of the agenda-leading thinking that typifies the Comotion approach – and a series of in-depth interviews from some of the UK’s customer giants. Talecco provided the insights into the types and background of people who are entering these exciting new roles. It is drawn from five years’ experience in finding, recruiting and training the new generation of senior customer executives.

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