Tried-and-True: Three Event Tech Trends that Stole the Show at Event Tech Live London

Felicity Collen, Customer Success Manager within our digital team at Freeman EMEA, identifies some key event tech trends. 

In an increasingly complex digital playing field, the tried-and-true (but updated for the today’s brand experience) still wins the day. Or at least, that’s the key message from this year’s Event Tech Live in London — where classic-with-a-twist forms of digital and event technology shined brightest.

As Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology, Event Tech Live attracts over 1600+ industry professionals to The Old Truman Brewery in London each year. Based on over 100 event tech suppliers (including ourselves!) and 50 educational sessions on show, here are the three trending topics for digitally-enhanced brand experiences.    

Go large!

Large 4K screens and media walls make an immediate impact, and many brands have been incorporating them into their events. At Event Tech Live, a tunnel made from laminated LED glass offered a new take on the classic tech, showcasing messages and dynamic artwork through transparent glass, resulting in clear, crisp content which people could view both inside and outside of the structure.  

The event app lives on

‘Mobile-first’ is no longer a developer mindset but an expected standard, meaning the humble event app is still as important as ever — however, those not-so-intuitive, data-hungry creations of yesteryear are making way for truly interactive options that can respond in real-time.

Event Tech Live gave us various companies — some who have always played in the space, and some completely new — showcasing their latest take on the app, with new functionalities designed to benefit the organiser, exhibitor and attendee. This is similarly evident when it comes to second screen technology, which drives visitor engagement, meanwhile event organisers can leverage it to collate attendee feedback and access real-time analytics.

Going back to basics

Technology is in a constant stage of change, and it’s in our nature to want to get our hands on the latest, greatest products and services out there. We are incredibly lucky to have so many options at our fingertips; however, this also means it’s become easy to forget about the event tech essentials.

We were reminded of this during a panel — which featured our very own Digital Development Manager, Tom Vamos — that highlighted the importance of tools like strong wi-fi and reliable IT support. Without strong wi-fi, attendees will be unable to perform actions like download and network via the event app, meanwhile exhibitors will find it difficult to capture leads or demonstrate their products. And a lack of IT support? We’ll have no-one to go to for assistance if an unexpected issue arises! The key takeaway? Ultimately, preparation is key when it comes to incorporating tech into an event, and to event success overall.

And that’s a classic that will never go away.

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