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ShowFloorplans is our event floor plan design service. We develop a detailed, unique floor plan for each event, taking into account organiser requirements and the needs and preferences of exhibitors and visitors.

Once we create an event floor plan, it can be managed using ShowHub, or visualise how your event will look with ShowVision.

Create an unforgettable event, maximise revenue

With decades of combined event experience, we know that a great floor plan can be the foundation for an unforgettable event.

We make sure organisers’ events have as much sellable space as possible. On average, we can increase potential revenue from exhibitors by 15%.

No matter whether it’s a small hall or a giant conference centre, we engineer a welcoming space that's efficient and safe. No generic floor plans here — we take the time to understand individual requirements, and then deliver a unique floor plan that exceeds them.

Through their knowledge of the venues and experience of working with complex layouts, Showplans has played a key role for National Boat Shows. We look forward to working with them in the future.

Murray Ellis
Chief Officer | Boat Shows at British Marine Shows

Solutions for all involved

We work hard to find the best way to help operations teams maximise the space they have, by optimising visitor flow and eliminating quiet areas. With experience working on events around the world, our expert team ensure floor plans meet all relevant regulations.

We help sales teams boost exhibitor revenue by increasing the amount and value of sellable space, and eliminating low footfall areas. Depending on the type and style of an event, we’ll help organisers achieve the right mix of stand types and sizes in different areas.

From a marketing perspective, effective floor plans make events easy to navigate and provide great exposure for exhibitors. Our clear, attractive floor plans can be used in signage, marketing materials and on event websites, allowing visitors to plan ahead.

ShowFloorplans and Exhibition Architect provide us with an integrated floorplan and online exhibitor manual solution. The results have changed the way we work and improved our internal processes significantly. It has cut down the amount of manual data collection and management, automating many of these manual processes we previously had to undertake.

The improvements haven’t only been on an organiser level, our exhibitors instantly gain access to their exhibitor profile and can start managing their stand as soon as they book, streamlining and simplifying their obligations.

James Hemmings
Event Sales Executive | ADS Group

Three simple steps to success

Our process is simple. Firstly, we will ask you everything there is to know about your event. Where will it take place? Who is it for? What will visitors and exhibitors be looking for?

We combine our extensive experience and expertise with clever software to develop a unique, custom floor plan for each event.

Once you’re happy with your floor plan, it’s available to use in any way you like, and we’ll be happy to advise on further tweaks or changes. When the floor plan is created, it can be loaded into ShowHub, which allows organisers to manage changes and share it with colleagues, partners, exhibitors and visitors in real time. 

Showplans’ ability to make optimal use of this complex outdoor venue [Blenheim Palace, host to BBC Countryfile Live] has positively impacted the visual aspect of our show on every level, from the floorplan presentation to the layout of the show itself.

Emily Challis
Event Manager | SME London
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