Manage Floor Plans

Edit and share event floor
plans in real time

ShowHub is a new way to manage and update an event floor plan. It stores floor plans in the cloud, so organisers can instantly share it with anyone.

You can easily make changes to the floor plan, and because everyone sees the same central version, there is no need to let all stakeholders know every time an amendement is made. 

Take control of your floor plan

ShowHub has an intuitive interface that means organisers don’t have to pay a designer for every little change. By having your floor plan stored in the cloud, it can be shared with colleagues, exhibitors and visitors and embedded into your event website using ShowLive.

ShowHub is available for Apple and Android devices, giving visitors and exhibitors more ways to explore the event floor plan. 

Advantages for different event teams 

ShowHub’s unique features assist all those involved in delivering an event, from operations to sales and marketing teams.

Operations managers can view and edit their floor plan in-house, as well as export the latest version to share with others, or they may choose to grant access to colleagues. The floor plan can also be hosted online, where updates will be shown automatically.

ShowHub allows sales team members to call up specifications in seconds, see what’s available and add exhibitors directly onto the floor plan, which avoids double bookings. It tracks sales in real-time, so that team members can monitor their progress.

For marketers, ShowHub creates attractive, interactive event floor plans that visitors and exhibitors can explore on the event website. It can also be used to extend the visitor experience, by delivering important pre, during and post-event information.

The success of the UK's inaugural Automechanika show was heavily dependent on getting our sales off to a good start, and we ended up smashing even our most optimistic projections. ShowHub played a pivotal role in that success, from the time saved and errors avoided — thanks to its sleek and highly functional interface — to its live updates that put pressure on exhibitors to re-book in a timely manner.

Additionally, when you factor in the team's commitment to doing everything to the highest possible standard, the level of devotion to our success and the sheer amount of stand space they were able to generate in the hall, ShowHub's importance to our show is unquestionable, and we look forward to continuing this fruitful relationship long into the future.

Simon Albert
Event Director | Forest Exhibitions

Create, upload, update

Event organisers often use our ShowFloorplans service to create their initial floor plan. With ShowHub, you can create your own event floor plan or upload it from another source.

Because ShowHub runs in the cloud, users can sign in from a computer or on mobile devices. Once logged in, they can view and edit the floor plan from any location.

Organisers can create ShowHub accounts for anyone in the business, and it’s easy to control access to, ensuring people are not permitted to make unauthorised changes.

You don’t need any design experience or specialist knowledge to use this tool, and our expert team is always on hand to provide support, training and advice.

Since we’ve partnered with Adam, our sales team has worked more efficiently and now offers a smarter service to exhibitors.

The dedicated team consistently provides solutions that meet our requirements, and the quality of our floor plans has really improved.

The technology is easy to use, and it really does work. It’s clear that the team have thought it through from our perspective, and they’ve tried to create something that sales people can really benefit from.

Michelle Clover
Marketing & Events Manager | Farnborough International Airshow
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