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Simplify the pre-event process with a sophisticated online manual tool 

Exhibition Architect is an online exhibitor manual and e-commerce platform that operates as a dedicated, show-branded microsite.

It ensures exhibitors’ pre-event experience is seamless, and enables organisers and exhibitors to track where they are on their pre-show journey through a tailored reporting system.

The platform is managed by our in-house team, who provide support to organisers and exhibitors whenever it is required. 

A configuration to suit all organiser needs

Exhibition Architect is highly configurable, allowing organisers to customise their site from a suite of over 90 different custom modules depending on their needs. Each manual is themed in line with its event to ensure a consistent brand experience for the exhibitor.

The manual also features an administrative dashboard that is completely tailored to offer a full overview to the organiser. Every process within the manual can be reported on; from information about who has filled in which forms, to who has taken up which services. It even provides full access to all exhibitor orders. 

Streamlining the process for exhibitors

Exhibition Architect provides a single information point for each exhibitor, ensuring they only see the content and forms that are relevant to them.

The platform's e-commerce functionality allows exhibitors to order the products and services they need to maximise their event experience, and its powerful indexing and search features allow exhibitors to locate organiser content quickly and easily.

ShowFloorplans and Exhibition Architect provide us with an integrated floorplan and online exhibitor manual solution. The results have changed the way we work and improved our internal processes significantly. It has cut down the amount of manual data collection and management, automating many of these manual processes we previously had to undertake.

The improvements haven’t only been on an organiser level, our exhibitors instantly gain access to their exhibitor profile and can start managing their stand as soon as they book, streamlining and simplifying their obligations. 

James Hemmings
Event Sales Executive | ADS Group

Technology integration

Exhibition Architect has its very own Application Programming Interface (API), which allows data to be pushed to the relevant organiser and supplier systems, and vice versa.

This ensures all relevant stand and exhibitor information is automatically shared with systems such as online floor plans, registration websites, show websites and CRM platforms in real time, which eliminates the potential for human error and inaccuracies.

Each integration project is conducted on a bespoke basis depending on individual needs, and it benefits organisers and exhibitors alike.

Get in touch to learn how our dedicated teams can create an integration project that will help you achieve your event objectives.

I use Exhibition Architect on a number of shows year on year due to its ease of use, reusability, and the positive feedback I receive from my exhibitors in helping them plan their event.

Having everything online in one place massively improves my efficiencies and helps eliminate the chance of manual data errors when collating lots of operational information.

Marisa Beckman
Director | Inovent Exhibitions Ltd
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