Virtual Reality

Get immersed in a
new kind of reality

Virtual Reality allows organisers and exhibitors to create engaging and immersive 360-degree experiences that invite audiences to experience a different world or step into a new reality.

Our award-winning content creators can design a custom 3D virtual experience to suit individual needs, and we offer VR headsets for hire. 

VR Product Explorer

This tech can add a whole new level of interactivity to products that are perhaps too big, dangerous or expensive to demonstrate to attendees in a live space. It enables audiences to interact and learn in an unparalleled engaging VR experience, and can be used to spin, dissect and demonstrate models in virtual space.

VR Design Explorer

Go beyond static renderings or photos of spaces and designs. VR Design Explorer allows brands to invite audiences to virtually walk through their experiences, designs, venues, and/or event in true stereoscopic 3D, as if they were physically there.

VR Films

VR Films are unmatchable in creating a sense of immersion and empathy. 3D 360-degree storytelling transports viewers into dramatically different environments that envelope the audience. Whether shot on location, live at a brand experience, or created with computer graphics, VR Films create stories that change how audiences feel.

VR Live Streaming

Experience shows, concerts, and events as if you’re right there in the audience through VR Live Streaming. The technology allows viewers to watch experiences online through pannable Web video players, virtual reality head-mounted displays, or Android and iOS mobile apps.

Custom VR Experiences

In virtual reality, there are no limits. Work with Freeman to create entirely new experiences like virtual worlds, games, interactive apps, learning programmes, and more in stunning virtual reality. Our VR content teams can create custom experiences that tell your unique brand story. 

With virtual reality, we believe it's a matter of when – not if – the technology will change the brand experience category.

We believe the immersive ability of VR is an opportunity to tell far more engaging stories and to teach far more interactive lessons.

More importantly, we want to work with clients to help evolve this technology, as it changes the design process.

Wilson Tang
VP, Digital Experience | Freeman
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