Virtual Site Tours

Take a 360-degree site tour without leaving your desk

PlanTour eliminates the need for event organisers and exhibitors to send their staff out on costly and time-consuming site visits.

With virtual tours, sponsorship management and space planning, PlanTour provides show organisers and exhibitors a simplified online solution to plan and execute their event from their desk.

Virtually explore venues with ease

PlanTour utilises drone fly-through videos and 360-degree interactive and high-definition photography to take users inside hundreds of global venues.

The tool allows event organisers to manage sponsorship opportunities through a comprehensive list of venue-specific locations, get the information they need to create, design and install venue-specific graphics, and select the right meeting rooms for conference sessions.

Custom PlanTour

Custom PlanTour helps organisers grow sponsorship revenue while providing a better way for exhibitors to view and select sponsorship opportunities. Exhibitors can virtually stroll through a venue and view all sponsorship opportunities at a glance.

From banners to digital signage, they can select and purchase sponsorship opportunities to extend their brand. With the seamless and easy-to-manage portal, Custom PlanTour helps you grow revenue and profit without investing a significant amount of time and effort.

It’s really important to us that we have a company that understands us, that understands the complexities of our specific show. It’s growing so much and changing so much that we really need to adapt to the landscape.

I’ve got 10 sales people that don’t necessarily communicate with each other. This is one resource for them to go and see what everyone else is doing so we don’t make those missteps that we’ve made in the past.

This is our biggest year selling sponsorship, so when you have a show that is wall-to-wall you can raise more money two ways – you can raise your prices or you can sell sponsorships. We didn’t want to raise our prices, we wanted to expand our revenue stream through sponsorships, so being able to have tools that help manage that and ultimately sell that has been a big hit for us; this new technology has helped us blow past our goals. 

Peter MacGillivray
VP, Communications & Events | SEMA
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