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Add an extra layer
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It’s important that exhibitors consider how they enhance their stand, to ensure they showcase their brand in the best possible light in the live space.

Freeman works with exhibitors to provide a range of solutions for those looking to upgrade their shell scheme or space-only stand, elevate their event presence and draw in attendees. 

10 steps to getting the most out of your exhibition presence

Here at Freeman, we want you to enjoy your experience as an exhibitor, so we've created this useful guide to get the most out of your exhibition.

Our relationship with Freeman has grown and flourished over the last 10 years. Their commitment to our cause has meant that Grand Designs Live continues to be at the forefront of consumer exhibitions in the UK.

They offer a reliable, adaptable and friendly service – which are key traits when things might not be going exactly to plan. The staffing structure that Freeman implements ensures that there is always a contact to deal with your request, whether you’re an exhibitor, supplier or like me, a demanding organiser.

Anthony Goodey
Media 10 Ltd.

A range of enhancement options

No two events are the same, which is why we provide a range of shell options to suit exhibitors' needs, including various modular display systems.

Infill and overlay graphics that that are in line with the client’s marketing materials attract customers to an exhibition stand, meanwhile bespoke motifs for logos can add 3D texture to stands.

Freeman also provides important extras such as reception counters, literature holders, long-arm spot lights, cabinets and store rooms.

We have worked with Freeman on our Taste of London show for a number of years now, and they never disappoint.

Despite the less than favourable weather conditions in 2016, the team displayed a positive attitude, and everyone got together to ensure the build was delivered on time. Thank you Freeman!

Linda Burford
Operations Manager, IMG Arts & Entertainment

Modular space solutions

Freeman's modular space stands are designed to be configured to suit individual needs, and can include shelves for product display, a display counter, foamex printer infill graphics, and a counter with angled shell display.

Our turnkey Glow System is an example of a modular product, and includes built in lights that sit behind a printed fabric, illuminating artwork that is supplied by the exhibitor.

Other key features include seven-metre glow walling, a 40mm platform, L shaped counter, and either vinyl or velour floor covering.

I am really emailing you (yet again) to let you know how amazing the Freeman team have been on this week’s Retail Business Technology Expo in Olympia Grand, and Retail Design Expo in Olympia West.

I am almost at the point where I am not even sure what adjectives to use! The show is one of the tightest build-ups I have ever done… The way the team worked together to pull all of this together, with great customer service and a smile for everyone was simply awesome to behold.

Marisa Beckman
Founder, Inovent
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