Strategy and Creative

Best in class strategic and creative solutions

Our strategy and creative teams work with organisers and exhibitors to create functional, budget-friendly and engaging ideas.

They are on hand to provide advice and insight to organisers, so that they can enhance the overall look and feel of their show and deliver a memorable experience for visitors. They also work with exhibitors to create custom built stands that communicate their brand messages in the best possible way. 

A unique strategic approach

Freeman’s strategic and creative specialists employ a “design thinking” approach across all of their projects. The process sees the team assess the creative opportunities that the project affords, formulate a concept that captures the client’s vision, create the brand experience, and finally enter the debrief stage once the event or exhibition has ended.

From an organiser perspective, this approach involves taking a step back and looking at the various ways that an event could be improved to better excite and engage attendees, and providing tailored insight and advice accordingly.

It’s about being pro-active and approaching event organisers with new and exciting ideas for everything from feature areas right through to event branding. This ensures that an event's messaging covers all customer touchpoints, including pre-event email campaigns, aisle and entry graphics, attendee name badges and more. 

Freeman's commitment to its clients to be creative and innovative forms an important part of the company's value proposition.

As brand experience continues to evolve and develop at a rapid rate, our customers are turning to us for insight into the latest event trends so that they can target audiences in new, meaningful and measurable ways.

Tez Patel
Creative Director, Freeman

Bespoke options for exhibitors

Custom Built Stands

Our creative teams work with exhibitors to help them bring their brands to life, so that they engage visitors in meaningful ways. We approach design in a collaborative way and aim to understand our clients’ goals to deliver unique, high quality solutions that drive results.

Corporate Stand Programme

Freeman works with brands on a long-term basis, by carefully crafting an initial creative concept, and then delivering various iterations in line with the client's event calendar. 

It’s the perfect solution for corporate brands that seek a different look and feel for their stand at several shows, who would like to communicate the same or similar message. It's effective in that it enables brands to engage their target audiences in a consistent way.

It was, as always a pleasure to work with Freeman on 100% Design. When you’re working to a tight deadline in a high-pressure environment, it’s important to have a collaborative and supportive team behind you. Louis Moorcraft, Ian Bancroft and Terry Kenny were very responsive both pre-show and on-site – they came to the daily onsite meetings with a positive attitude and great humour.

I felt that they genuinely cared about the show and its delivery as much as we did, and I was impressed with their commitment to the event’s safety procedures. The speed at which Freeman responded to unforeseen exhibitor issues really helped to ensure a great show and a smooth re-book.

Miriam Sigler
Freelance Operations Manager, 100% Design
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